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Temperature electronically controlled up to 650°C

  Technical Data
Voltage V 120, 220-230
Power consumption W 2200, 3000-3300
Temperature °C 650
Frequency Hz 50/60
Air flow l/min 200, 300
Heater tube stainless steel mm Ø 36
Protection tube stainless steel mm Ø 43
Air inlet mm Ø 19,5
Air outlet mm Ø 22
Size mm 225x70x58
Weight g 500
  CCA Certified

Spare Parts

Combination Possibilities
LEISTER Heater 3000 with ROBUST blower at max. heating power
Blower Type
Heater 3000
Hot air temperature measured 3 mm in front of the air outlet of the heater with 3 m hose length and blower running at full capacity without nozzle.
Number x Wattage
Air flow at 20°C l/min
Temperature °C controllable
1 x 3300
1 x 400
2 x 3300
2 x 320
The air flow and temperature details are standard values which can be affected by external influences.

Some Applications:  
Four Heat Sources 3000 fitted with special nozzles used to shrink and weld PE packaging film. Two Robust blowers provide the necessary air. Six Heat Sources 3000 fitted with 70 mm wide slot nozzles built into a plastic welding machine used to weld polyester fleece to EVA foils.
Welding plasitc tubes with a Heater 3000 and Robust blower. The ends of the tubes for toothpaste, ointment and adhesives are welded with hot air after being filled. 40 Heater 3000 and 24 Heat Sources 700 brun marking lines (transverse and longitudinal) in sheets of insulation without using paint.
A Heater 3000 used to heat crown gears. The revolving table moves the parts through the jet of hot air so that these can subseqeuntly be mounted on shafts with no difficulty. Four Heater 3000 fitted with 70 mm wide slot nozzle, built into a packaging machine used for welding polyethylene foil bags. The air is supplied by two Robust blowers.

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