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UP to 900°C without electronics

  Technical Data
Voltage V 3x400
Power consumption kW 11
Temperature °C 900
Frequency Hz 50/60
Air flow l/min 1000
Heater tube stainless steel mm Ø 62
Protection tube stainless steel mm Ø 74
Air inlet mm Ø 38
Air outlet mm Ø 62
Size mm 374x108x112
Weight Kg 2,2
Spare Parts

Possible Combinations
Combination possibilities LEISTER High Temperature Heater 5000 HT with ROBUST, or AIRPACK blower at max. heating power

Blower Type

50/60 Hz

High temperature Heater 5000 HT
Hot air temperature measured 3 mm in front of the air outlet of the heater with 3 m hose length and blower running at full capacity without nozzle
Number x Wattage
Air flow 20°C l/min
Temperature in °C
1 x 11000
1 x 1100
1 x 11000
1 x 2700
2 x 11000
2 x 1600
The air flow and temperature details are standard values which can be affected by external influences.

Some Applications:  
A Heater 5000 used to weld an endless PVC hose. The air is supplied by a Robust blower via an air flow off/on switch. Drying the adhesive used to reinforce the edges of woven material. Even at high throughput speeds the material does not fray.
Five Heat Sources 5000 used to heat a tubular channel. Coated stranded steel wires are melted together as they are fed through the heated tubing. A Heater 5000 used to weld PE-coated milk. With hot air, it is possible to weld, dry, and sterilise all at the same time.
A Heater 5000 and Robust blower used to warm up PVC tubing. Subsequent shaping to form branches presents no difficulities. A Heater 5000 and Robust blower provide hot for a coffe roasting machine. The temperature of the hot air and the roasting time can be set according to the customer's requirements via computer.
Drying and smoothing pills, tablets, sweets and their coatings with several Heat Sources 5000 and ASO blower. The KSR is used for accurate temperature control. A Heater 5000 and ASO blower used to heat the ends of fluorescent tubes. This removes the coating before gluing.
ASO blower and five Heat Sources 50000 used for soldering radiator ribs. Hot air guarantees a clean operation and avoids disortion. Two Heat Sources 5000 with space saving tubular nozzles (1.2 m long) for pre-warming paper prior to printing. The air is supplied by an ASO blower.
Two Heat Sources 5000 used to shrink packaging films on stacks of aritcles. At the end of the converyor belt cold air is blown on to the heated areas by means of a SILENCE blower Six Heat Sources 5000 controlled be a KSR unit used to shrink PE sleeves on cans. High throughput speed and precise control ensure perfect shrink quality.

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