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  Technical Data
Voltage V 100, 120, 230
Capacity W 460
Temperature °C 20-500 controlled
Frequency Hz 50/60
Air flow l/mim 20-80
Emission level dB 59
Air pressure mbar 16
Size mm 245x180x200 handle 40
Weight Kg 2,4
  CCA Ceritified

Spare Parts

  • Sufficient hot air supply is assured for fast desoldering by means of the high heating capacity and air flow
  • The hot air stream can be adjusted as finely as necessary for de-soldering and soldering the smallest components
  • Temperature electronically steplessly controlled from 20°C to 600°C
  • Air flow electronically steplessly adjustable from 20 to 80 I/min
  • Installation into machines and appliances is possible under certain conditions
  • Safe handling by using the adjustable plastic stand which can be easily removed
  • Pleasant to work with because of the emission level of only 59 LpA (db)
  • Connection of an ESD-lead to the standard size stud is possilbe
  • Precise temperature and control +/-1°C
  • Further Applications: Shrinking and welding of plasitcs, polymerization of glassfibre light-conductor connections.

100 different standard size nozzles
700 special nozzles for de-soldering from our own production
We supply special nozzles according to customer requirements world-wide within 2-3 weeks on submission of drawings of components with circuit board.
Changing nozzles is done quickly and easily by push-fitting required mozzles onto the tapered refined steel tube on the Lesiter too.

De-soldering a large PIN-connector. Removing excess solder with hot air and de-solder braid
After positioning the SMD component it is then soldered in seconds Shrinking of hot sleeves,-films, -tapes, -solder connections and -moulded parts. Drying of water-damp surfaces. Welding of thermoplastic materials.


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