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Hotwind S
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Temperature electronically controlled up to 800°C

  Technical Data
Voltage V 100,120,230,380-440
Power consumption W 2000,2300,3100,3700,
Temperature °C 450-800 controlled
Frequency Hz 50/60
Air flow l/min 350-600 controlled
Pressure Pa 200 mbar
Heater tube l mm Ø 62
Protection tube mm Ø 74
Air outlet mm Ø 62
Size mm 172x99x350


Kg 3,2
  CCA Certified

Spare Parts

Some Applications:  
Three Hotwind S used to shrink caps on to bottles. A frequent application for fruit-juice and wine bottles. A Hotwind S used for side shrinking of wrapped decorative film.
Hotwind D with push-fit shell reflecto, installed in a bottle filling machine used for shrinking caps. Hot air equipment with two Hotwind S and a Heater 700 used to shrink PE covers on batteries.
Hot air installations in a shrink tunnel for shrinking and welding film on bulky goods. Hotwind S installed in a edge banding machinge. These machines, from manuel to large computer controlled models, require hot air to activate the hot melt.
Hotwind S with a special reflector on a Tampon printing machine. After printing, the ink is burnt in by means of hot air to prevent smearing. 20 Hotwind D in a testing facility for ball bearings. The life of the bearings is tested at a variety of temperatures and rates of revolutions.
Bulky furniture is wrapped in PE film. This is shrunk and welded on top and bottom by means of four Hotwind S blowers.  

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